Our mission is widespreading charity ideas, assisting those in need, giving love and care to children with all responsibility for future generations.


Development of sport and promotion of a healthy lifestyle program

Direction of the program: sport and physical culture.

Program purpose: creation of good conditions for sports activities and realization of sports ambitions for children live in orphanages, boarding schools of Ukraine, promoting of ideas of a healthy way of life.

Main tasks of the program:
— organization of sports events;
— technical equipment provision for orphanages, boarding schools, comprehensive schools, local sports societies;
— support and promoting for talented children.

Ways of achieving the purpose:
— assistance on establishment of communication and continued support (patronage) of professional teams and athletes between orphanages, boarding schools, schools, etc.;
— organization of meetings of athletes with children from boarding schools, orphanages, comprehensive schools.

Organization of events:
• workshops with famous athletes;
• organizing basketball, soccer tournaments, volleyball;
• building track and field for athletics, workout and other sports;
• organization and carrying out summer and winter sport-oriented camps for children;
• visit together with children of sports events (football, basketball matches, competitions

Work with talented children:
• continuous search of talented young athletes in boarding schools, orphanages, schools;
• providing help in ensuring of training activities for talented children at sports schools and clubs;
• assistance in signing of contracts with professional clubs for talented and prospective children.