Why do we need your help?

International Saint Andrew Charity Foundation

 brings together good and indifferent people who have a great heart and a desire to help! We involve people from Ukraine in volunteer work of various kinds that could help in implementing the programs of our Foundation.

Spectrum of volunteer work

Caring for orphans, children with disabilities, children from large families, low-income and disadvantaged families, and problem youth

Requirements to the personal and moral qualities of potential volunteers

To be honest, conscientious, objective, fair, tactful, attentive, observant, tolerant, well-kept, restrained, with love for people, sociable, with a desire for self-improvement, with creative thinking.

Main directions of volunteer activities

  • Providing social assistance: support and counseling of lawyers, doctors, and other specialists;
  • Organization of charitable events, and actions of various kinds (concerts, festivals, competitions, trips, public events and other events);
  • Development of external relations and attraction of resources for implementation of the Foundation's programs.

Our charitable organization is interested in volunteers who would work in the following social directions:

  • Visits to orphanages and boarding schools;
  •  Organization of sporting events;
  • Assistance in organizing charity actions related to the collection of clothing, footwear, etc.
  • Assistance in organizing thematic charity concerts and festivals (Anti-AIDS, agitation for promoting a healthy lifestyle, support for orphans, etc.)

One of the projects we are working on is the provision of medical care for children. Therefore, our team invites specialists with medical education to perform the following volunteer works:

  • Assistance in search of the necessary medicines and equipment;
  • Care for sick children.

          Saint Andrew Charity Foundation supports scientific activities in Ukraine, including in the medical sector. If you have ideas or projects that can help to overcome illness and reduce mortality, contact our Foundation! Your ideas will be considered by European experts, after which a decision on their funding will be made.

International Saint Andrew Charity Foundation invites young and ambitious journalists to work together to spread ideas and enlighten people's need for help.

Necessary range of works

  • conducting social surveys

search, analysis, processing of information related to the directions of the fund's activities;

  • writing articles, presentations on the situation in different spheres of life, coverage of the actual problems of children and young people.

We will be glad for any help! We will support all the suggestions on helping the needy! Those who wish to join our team are welcome!

In order to become a volunteer, contact by phone or e-mail that is listed in the "Contacts" section. You can also fill out an online questionnaire located nearby.


The questionnaire is a small interview about your actual requests related to volunteering in the Saint Andrew Charity Foundation.

Please, take a minute to fill out a questionnaire, receive our letter and join our Super Team!

The information specified in the questionnaire will be accessible only to the stuff of the Foundation.

If you have any questions, call us or write a letter.

Call us

+38 (094) 905-8723

+38 (044) 337-3723

Send us a

Thank you for your time and hope we will start fruitful cooperation together!

Sincerely yours, the team of the Saint Andrew Charity Foundation.

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