Assisting children during the war

During times of the war, we strive to provide children with the necessary support and opportunities for self-realization.

Since the start of the full-scale war, our activities have expanded. The number of children in need has significantly increased. We launched new projects to support children affected by the war.

Currently, our top priorities remain in the humanitarian and medical areas. Through the «To be by your side» project, we provide targeted assistance to families with children who were forced to leave their homes and are on the verge of survival due to the war. We collect and send parcels containing food, hygiene products, and medicine to internally displaced families in various parts of Ukraine. Additionally, we provide support to volunteer centers that distribute baby food and diapers to families in need.

We also offer assistance to internally displaced families with children who have been evacuated from the war zone and are living in the Modular City of Lviv. Our aid includes food, hygiene products, and other essentials. We also help organize holidays for these children, as positive emotions and impressions are especially important during such difficult times.

We also support art therapy projects for children.

These projects not only help children develop and acquire new skills, but also provide a way to cope with the worries and stress caused by the war.

Through games and creativity in a supportive environment, children can distract themselves and transform their experiences into love and trust.

As part of the project «Warm a child's heart in your hands», we provide financial assistance, medicines, food, hygiene products, clothing, and stationery to orphanages, boarding schools, and family-type homes.

Additionally, we support children's medical institutions through the “Healthy Child”. project during times of the war.

Thanks to the hard work of doctors who work overtime despite anxiety and shelling, and the timely provision of vital medical equipment and medicines, children receive necessary medical care.

During the war period:

Number of children supported by the Foundation
Number of orphanages that received assistance from the foundation
Number of children's hospitals supported by the foundation
Number of families with children who received assistance from the foundation

The war is ongoing. Each day brings pain from destroyed villages, cities, and lives.

But the greatest pain is felt by the children who witness and experience the horrors of war, and whose dreams have been shattered.

We must do everything in our power to protect childhood, restore children's hope for a brighter future, and inspire them to find happiness every day, no matter the circumstances. We continue to assist those in need without pause. You are welcome to join us.