The Program for Supporting Talented Children and Youth

The program was created to help identify and develop talented children and realize their creative potential. The main project implemented within this program is the «Blue Bird» project.

It is aimed at development and realization of creative abilities of children with disabilities and children from other socially vulnerable categories.

It is carried out by organizing clubs in various fields, organizing and holding exhibitions of works, providing financial support and purchasing consumables necessary for creative activities.

In cooperation with our partners, we organize competitions and exhibitions of children's drawings to draw attention to the creative development and uniqueness of each little person.

Young talents, regardless of age and experience, are eager to participate in such events.

And we are incredibly happy to see their little dreams come true.

We have also started a good tradition of giving surprises to our talented wards on their birthdays. What could be better than the feeling of joy and happiness on a special day for them.

Together we go to workshops, theaters and movies, give presents and have fun.

Our goal is for each of them to feel confident, cared for, and significant in this world.

Every child is unique and deserves a bright future regardless of their circumstances.