Supporting childhood during the war

The project "To be by your side"

This project is part of the Program of Social Security and Humanitarian Aid.

The war continues to destroy thousands of Ukrainian families. Due to constant shelling and bombardments, people are forced to leave their homes and seek shelter in relatively safe regions of Ukraine.

Every family has its own personal story. Each of them is unique but shares one common feature. Due to Russian aggression, people had to gather everything into one suitcase and build a new life from a blank sheet.

From the first days of the war, our charitable organization initiated the humanitarian support project "To be by your side". Today, we send packages with food and hygiene kits to various parts of Ukraine where families with children reside. These families have relocated from occupied territories, war zones, live near the front line, or are facing difficult living conditions due to the war.

We fill the humanitarian kit with food and hygiene products. If there are infants and children under 1 year old in the family, we include baby formula, fruit and vegetable purees, diapers, pacifiers, bottles, wet wipes, and baby skincare products. If needed, we add toys and children's stationery. The average cost of one humanitarian kit is 1450 UAH.
The total cost of the project is 290,000 UAH.

The aim of this project is to support families with children who are facing challenging conditions due to the war and provide them with essential items. It's about bringing a bit of goodness to those who need it the most. It is crucial to understand that there are always people ready to help.

Join our project, contribute your care to those who need it the most.

The project implementation period is throughout the year 2024.

The project 'School Backpack'

Implemented within the framework of the Social Security and Humanitarian Assistance Program.

This project is aimed at assisting the students of Dashiv Special School in the Vinnytsia Regional Council. The school caters to 106 children with special educational needs. Considering the individual characteristics of each child, the institution requires additional support to ensure the facilitation of the learning and development process.

List of necessary stationery: drawing albums, colored paper, cardboard, scissors, glue, paints, plasticine, pens, simple pencils, grid notebooks, notebooks with a slanting line, notebooks with a straight line, rulers. The total cost of the project is 32,760 UAH.

The school teachers consistently create quality didactic materials by hand to make the learning process interesting and effective. Therefore, there is a significant need for A4 paper, colored paper, as well as laminating film.

Friends, support this important project! Make your contribution to the development of the educational process for children with special needs!

Project implementation period - until August 31, 2024.

The project «Drawing Dreams»

Implemented within the Program to support talented children and youth.

During the war, it is crucial to take care of the psychological well-being of children. Anxiety, fear, and trauma negatively impact a child's overall condition and, consequently, their future.

For over a year, we have been supporting the creative space "Inspiration" for children in Kremenchuk as part of the "Drawing Dreams" project.

This space provides an opportunity for children who have left their homes, children of military personnel, and local kids to engage in creativity, communicate, immerse themselves in positive emotions, experience the joy of childhood, and distract themselves from the war. Thanks to the diligent work of the art director Olena Andriyeva and psychologist Maria Stegniy, who joined forces, all the children have been drawing like professionals for almost one and a half years of activities. This initiative aims to support children and make them feel like little artists, providing a distraction from the harsh realities of war.

Today, this project helps children express all their experiences and emotions on paper, drawing their dreams that lead them into the world of beauty and creativity. Each child realizes their dream through art.

This location is a constantly operating space, visited by around 70 children weekly. Therefore, there is a need for art supplies, including paints, watercolors, pencils, and brushes. The total cost of the project is 30,000 UAH per month.

At the end of each session, children are accustomed to receiving small motivational gifts in the form of treats. Creating their little masterpiece, chatting with friends, receiving positive emotions, and a sweet surprise—these little things bring happiness to the children.

Support the creativity of little Ukrainians with us! In the conditions of war, it helps children find their inner strength and resilience.

The project implementation period is throughout the year 2024.

Together, we can help children experience the joy of childhood, even in difficult times!


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