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Saint Andrew Charity Foundation

For more than 8 years, we have been assisting socially vulnerable children in Ukraine and Sri Lanka.

We provide aid to children with disabilities, as well as to institutions where orphans and children deprived of parental care reside. Additionally, we support children from families facing difficult life circumstances.

Our efforts create opportunities for cultural development, promote healthy lifestyles, and support talented children.

During the full-scale war, we expanded our activities as the number of children in need increased significantly.

We are working with volunteer centers, medical institutions, public organizations, and volunteers to implement humanitarian and art therapy projects.

In these difficult times, we aim to assist all children in need. To achieve this goal, we consistently establish and maintain international relationships and participate in organizing and hosting international events to support those under our care.

Our mission and vision

Children from socially vulnerable categories undoubtedly require material and humanitarian assistance.

Additionally, they desire to feel protected and valued in this world, knowing that those who care about their success are also concerned about their well-being. This provides them with inner support, confidence, and faith in their future happiness.

No living conditions should rob children of their childhood, as their future quality of life depends on their current level of happiness.

Our mission is to help children who are facing difficult life circumstances by providing them with care and support, and promoting their development.

We support

Children of socially vulnerable categories

Children with disabilities and special needs

Institutions for the care and upbringing of orphaned children

Children's medical institutions

Families with multiple children and internally displaced families with children facing hardship due to the war.

About The Founder

Liliya Watson

The founder of the Saint Andrew Charity Foundation. She built a successful career as a model.

Despite a difficult life and raising her daughter alone, Liliya has always been committed to helping others. "Because to help is to embrace with all your heart, to touch the depths of the soul." - Liliya is confident.

While working in various countries, it was painful to realize that many children are deprived of parental care and attention due to various circumstances. Therefore, she began to engage in charitable activities, personally helping children in need.

In 2015, Liliya founded a charitable organization aimed at helping socially disadvantaged children worldwide.

For their active charitable activities in Ukraine, Liliya Watson and the Saint Andrew Charity Foundation have been honored with a series of awards: Person of the Year, the Order of Honor, and the title "Great Ukrainians, the Woman of the 3rd Millennium Award, the Order for Public Valor, the Golden Pectoral, the Achievement of the Year 2018 Cup, the Leaders of Ukraine Order, the Best Enterprise of Ukraine 2019 Award, the Order of St. Sophia, Professional Achievements 2022 - Together to Victory. This is the result of fruitful collaboration with partners who assist in bringing the Foundation's projects to life.

In 2022, Liliya became an ambassador of Antwerpen Fashion Weekend in Belgium and participated in organizing the «Kyiv» Ukraine PopUp з метою to introduce the European community to Ukrainian culture and draw attention to the issues faced by children affected by the war in Ukraine.

It was during this time that the idea for an important charitable project was born – the Humanity Market company. This platform, through the collaboration of artists, designers, and talented individuals, allows charitable foundations worldwide to raise necessary assistance for their wards and change the world for the better.

In cooperation with the Humanity Market team, a number of charity events were held to support children in Ukraine.

Our team

Liliya Watson

The Honorary President, the Founder of the foundation

Yurii Rozhko

The Chairman of the Board of the Foundation, Project Manager

Valentyna Ponomarenko

The Accountant

Alina Chmil

Communication Manager

The Foundation Partners and Friends

Caring for children who need it most is made possible with the help of our partners and friends.

Our projects are implemented in collaboration with other international non-governmental organizations, as well as local organizations, social centers, cultural and artistic institutions, and business representatives.

We are incredibly grateful to everyone who contributes to supporting our activities. After all, there is nothing more beautiful than seeing a child's smile and understanding that it has appeared thanks to you!


Thank you for your feedback and kind words about us and our work.

The Foundation documentation

Charter of the foundation
Certificate of non-profitability
Extract from the Unified State Register
ISO 9001 Certificate

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