The Social Security and Humanitarian Assistance Program

The goal of the program is to meet the basic needs of socially vulnerable children.

It includes providing humanitarian aid to institutions where orphans and children deprived of parental care are brought up, providing technical equipment, repairing residential premises, and targeted assistance to children from socially vulnerable families.

Key initiatives within this program include the project "Warm a child's heart in your hands" and the ongoing charity event "Social chest of good things."

The project "Warm a child's heart in your hands " was created to provide appropriate charitable humanitarian aid in the form of clothing, footwear, hygiene products, food, baby carriages, household appliances, toys, educational games, and medicines to orphanages, boarding schools, centers for social and psychological rehabilitation, and nursing homes. We also purchase food, medicines and hygiene products for families in difficult life circumstances.

In cooperation with our partners, we organize events such as «Beauty Days» for children from orphanages to help them socialize. These events not only teach children how to take care of themselves, but also make their world a happier place. After all, regardless of age, every child wants to look beautiful.

The «Social chest of good things» charity event is designed to give a second life to things, thereby supporting those who need it most. It involves collecting and delivering humanitarian aid to all those who need it and could use it.

We are confident that there are enough compassionate people who would like to contribute by donating items and thus help and give a piece of their care to those in need.

We hand over the collected items to the wards of the Territorial Centers for Social Services in Kyiv and Kyiv region, as well as to children from socially vulnerable families.

Since 2015, our foundation has provided humanitarian aid to vulnerable children in Sri Lanka. These are the wards of the Marcsri homes orphanages.

The incredibly sincere children eagerly anticipate Liliya's visits, as her presence brings joy through fun games, reading books, and sharing interesting stories.

Being there, sharing emotions, providing support, celebrating their successes, and contributing to making their world a bit happier are crucial aspects of our engagement. Children require communication, positive emotions, and support, and we strive to fulfill these needs.

In addition to supporting orphanages, we have extended assistance to impoverished large families facing challenging circumstances and struggling to provide for their children. We have provided essential items such as beds, tables, kitchen utensils, books, toys, and food to these families.

Children represent our present and future, and for their happiness, sincere smiles, and bright eyes, we are dedicated to doing our best. We invite you to join us in making a positive impact on the lives of these children!