Saint Andrew Charity Foundation

Caring for the welfare of children from vulnerable categories with love

Saint Andrew Charity Foundation

An international non-profit organization whose activities commenced in 2015 within the territories of Ukraine and Sri Lanka.

The main goal

To give warmth and care to children who have had a difficult life. They want to feel needed and protected in this world.

Objectives of the Foundation

To meet the basic needs of children from socially vulnerable categories and to create an environment for their development and unfolding of their potential.

Goodness begins with each of us

Greetings! I am Liliya Watson, the Founder and Honorary President of the Saint Andrew Charity Foundation.

I believe that there are no other people's children. I firmly believe that every child, regardless of their background, deserves to grow up in a loving and caring environment.

Unfortunately, many children in my country are facing difficult challenges and are forced to grow up too quickly in harsh conditions.

The primary goal of our team during these trying times is to provide children with basic necessities and small joys to brighten their everyday lives.

We believe in the power of kindness and are grateful to everyone who supports childhood, regardless of the circumstances. Your help is a contribution to the happy future of children!

Results for 8 years of work

Number of children supported by the Foundation
Number of events organized
Number of benefactors and partners involved in the projects
Number of volunteers who joined
Number of orphanages under the Foundation's care
Number of children's hospitals supported by the Foundation
Funds raised to help children (UAH)

Our programs

All projects and initiatives developed by the Foundation are implemented within the framework of 5 main programs in the field of cultural development, health care, sports development, social and humanitarian support. Since the beginning of our activity, 83 projects have been implemented. Each of them involves children close to our hearts and the hard work of our team and partners.

Current Projects

The following projects are currently ongoing

The project «To be by your side»

This project aims to provide food, hygiene items, baby food, diapers and medicines to IDP (Internally Displaced Persons) families with children.

Goal: 290,000 UAH

The project «School Backpack»

We plan to provide children with special needs, pupils of Dashiv Special School, with stationery necessary for the educational process.

Goal: 32,760 UAH

The project «Drawing dreams»

Within the framework of this project, we are collecting funds to provide the creative workshop "Inspiration" in Kremenchuk with materials for art therapy.

Goal: 30,000 UAH.

The Foundation Partners and Friends

Support childhood with us